GitHub Slack integration for PR management - Now in Actioner app directory

Collaborate in ephemeral Slack channels for Pull request reviews. Broadcast commits to main branch in GitHub without leaving Slack.

As Actioner team, we are focused on creating Slack-first solutions to help improve the productivity and efficiency of knowledge workers. All of these solutions are available in the Actioner app directory. And now, we are addressing the challenges faced by developers, and we desire to help them improve their overall effectiveness and contribute to the broader community of developers.

We have a solution for managing GitHub pull requests in Slack that we want to share with you. 🥳 We hope you'll find it exciting and can’t wait to install it right away!


GitHub pull request management lets DevOps teams review PRs more efficiently in Slack. It does this by creating temporary Slack channels for code reviews, which allow you to bring together developers, code changes, and conversations in one place. This can help streamline the PR review process and make it easier for team members to collaborate and provide feedback on code changes.

Use cases

If you are still trying to wrap your head around how this tool works and what it can do, don't worry! We have created 2 use cases to illustrate how it has been put to work in the real world. These should give you a better understanding of the tool's capabilities and how it can help you and your team streamline your workflow and improve efficiency.

GitHub pull request notifications in Slack

Actioner creates ephemeral Slack channels for each GitHub pull request (PR) review. The channel is named after the PR and the repository it belongs to, and the assignees and reviewers are invited automatically to collaborate.

In the PR channel, team members can see details about the PR as soon as it is opened. Check test results are sent to a Slack message thread. PR assignees can approve, and merge PR without leaving Slack.

GitHub comments and Slack conversations are synced in the PR channel. When a 📌 emoji is added to a message in the PR channel, Actioner adds that message as a comment to the pull request on GitHub. Vice versa, when there is a new comment in GitHub PR, Actioner sends it as a Slack message to the PR channel.

Broadcasting GitHub commits to main

Your team stays up-to-date with dedicated Slack channel to receive updates from GitHub. Whenever a PR is merged to the main branch, Actioner automatically sends a message to the channel with a link to view the code changes. 

Having a broadcast channel allows everyone to stay on top of deployments and code changes. It also helps your engineers stay updated up with the latest developments on their branches.

Let your team minimize conflicts and keep them running smoothly with Actioner-powered dedicated Slack channels! Learn how to get started now ➡️ 

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