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Example utility request

Learn how to use utility requests in your actions with an example.

A utility request is used to get results from specific functions natively provided by Actioner.

Let's now take a closer look into how you can use utility requests in your actions.

Configuring utility requests

Imagine an action that sends a celebration gif when a deal is moved to closed won stage in HubSpot. You can easily add Find gif utility request to your action and celebrate wins more fun than ever.

Close deal action in this example takes one input: Deal. Users select the deal to be closed from the deals list and action sends an UpdateDeal API request and set the deal stage to closed won in HubSpot. Action looks like below:

Close deal action

Let's now see how to add a celebration gif automatically when this action is run.

  1. On Requests tab, create a new utility request. Select Find gif method and give FindGif name to your request. Then enter celebrate or any other phrase of your choice in keyword field.

FindGif request

  1. On Inputs tab, find Run steps and add FindGif request.
  1. Go to Outputs tab of your action and add below to your output: [{{request.FindGif.response.gif.title}}]({{request.FindGif.response.gif.markdownUrl}})

    This retrieves the the markdownUrl of the gif from the response of FindGif request and shows it as an image with markdown.

  2. Apply changes and run your action to see how it works.