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Run button and Run steps

Learn how to configure run button and run steps.

Run button

Run button is visible to users while running an action in Slack or in form view. A user clicks the run button to run the action.

You can give a new name to this button by updating its label. By default, its label is set as Run.

Run button

Run steps

Run steps are the requests and functions that are executed when an action is run. Each step corresponds to a request or a function. To view or specify the steps that will be executed, click Run button or Run steps on Inputs tab of your action.

Run steps

  1. Mapped requests and functions are executed in the order specified on run steps. ‍

  2. If you have setup a request or as a dynamic datasource for your inputs, you do not need to add that request to run steps.

    The API or Slack requests used as a dynamic datasource for your inputs are sent right away when the action is triggered by clicking a button or is selected through /actioner shortcut in Slack.

Requests or functions mapped to run steps are only to specify the order that they will be executed when that action is run. Only add the requests;

  • that performs the action, such as CreateDeal API request while creating a new deal in your CRM,
  • and that are used to generate values in outputs, such as ListUsersAPI request to replace user ids with user names in a table output.

Do not add such requests that are only used for creating values for inputs.

Adding steps

Click + Add new step to specify a request or a function for execution.

You can select from available requests listed on Requests tab or functions listed on Functions tab. If you need a new request or a function to be added to run steps, you can add it on the corresponding tab. Add a new step

Reordering steps

To change the order of a step, click on it and while holding the mouse button down – drag to a new location.

Deleting a step

To remove a request or a function from steps, click ✕ on its right. Delete a step