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Link requests

Explore link requests to setup quick navigation to your apps.

You can add link requests to access your apps quickly or navigate to your frequently visited pages and open specific links in a new tab.

It is possible to construct static or dynamic links by adding a link request. Let's create a sample action that opens a dynamic link when the action is run.

In this example, the action will open the entered issue in Jira. The URL that will be open in a new tab is:**issue-key**

**issue-key** is a dynamically value generated with user input and it will be appended to the end of the URL.

Let's first create the input component that users will enter the issue key.

  1. Go to Inputs tab of your action and add a new text input. Enter issueKey as its ID. We'll use {{input.issueKey}} to get the user-provided value of this input.

issueKey input

2- Add a new link request on Requests tab. We'll append {{input.issueKey}} to the end of the URL. The URL becomes as below:{{input.issueKey}}

Link request

  1. Let's now map the link request to the Run steps. Find the blue Execute button on Input tab. Optionally give it a new name and select the link request by clicking Map new request.

Add link request to run steps

  1. Apply changes and save your action. Action looks like below:

Action with a link request


Responses of API, Slack and utility requests can be referred by other action components within double curly brackets and they can be used to dynamically generate values. It is not possible to use a link request as a data source for an action component.