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Adding actions to outputs

Learn how to add actions to table columns.

On a table output, you can add actions from your app.

While designing an action, think of the next step of users running it. For example, you are designing an action for listing your issues in your project. On the issue list table, users can take actions on a specific issue such as opening issue details, or assigning issue to themselves.

Through configuring an action column, you can add Issue details or Assign actions to the List issues action's table output.

To add an action to a table output;

Step 1. Navigate to your action's Output tab in Design mode and select your table output.

Step 2. On Columns section, click yellow + button to add a new column.

Add a new column to a table output

Step 3. Give a title to your column and select Action for column type. Add new action column

Step 4. Click + Add action.

Enter a label and select a button color for your action. The label becomes the label of the button on table output. On Run steps, select the action that will be executed once this button is clicked on table output. You can only select from the actions in your app.

When you select an action, selected action's inputs are shown in Action parameters list. ‍ You can use {{currentItem}} to reference the corresponding object configured as the source of the table. For example, if you add {{}} as an action parameter, it will be evaluated as the id of the corresponding object of the table source. ‍ ‍Enable Run immediately option if you want the action to be executed as soon as the button on table output is clicked. When disabled, action is loaded to action bar with the configured action parameters. Users can enter missing parameters or update the existing ones and then hit Run to run the action.

Configure an action column

Step 5. Click + Add action if you want to place a second action in this column. The second action's button will be placed under the first action button on your table output.

Add multiple actions to an action column

Step 6. If you rather add another action on a new column, you need to add a new column to your table output by selecting Action column type and repeat the same steps.

Add multiple action columns