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Meet the Slack-native Jira experience via Actioner!

Actioner is the ultimate Slack app builder that turns Slack into your all-in-one interface to Jira (and other tools you use). Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating Jira's interface and slow loading times, and say hello to Actioner's enhanced features that let you take full advantage of Jira's capabilities without leaving Slack.

Streamline your work and boost your team's productivity with Actioner today.

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Jira Cloud app

Jira Cloud app an Atlassian product to connect Jira Cloud and Slack. It is primarily used for sending notifications from Jira Cloud to channels in Slack, and creating and previewing Jira issues in Slack.

Without Actioner

Actioner’s Jira app

Actioner is a no-code Slack app builder letting you go beyond your individual tools such as Jira Cloud, and run all complex business processes by connecting different apps, data sources, and systems right within Slack.

With Actioner

Take Jira & Slack integration to the next level with Actioner

Actioner provides a plethora of advanced functionalities and benefits for Jira within Slack. These include:

  • Unparalleled customizability through a no-code app builder

  • Elimination of dependence on Atlassian or other vendors for building required Slack app features

  • Slack-oriented automation, encompassing workflows involving human-in-the-loop automations

  • Flexible scheduling of issue reminders and status updates tailored to specific Slack audiences

  • Advanced Jira issue search capabilities directly within Slack

  • Custom forms matching precise needs for various actions such as creating issues, updating status, logging work, and commenting

  • Unique reporting capabilities, meticulously designed for Slack

  • Customizable emoji actions

  • Threaded update options for improved organization and visibility

  • Per-project preferences

  • Dedicated channels for critical issues

  • Ability to collaborate with external users in Slack Connect channels

  • And many more features that make Slack and Jira integration seamless and effortless