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Are you tired of managing customer requests, sales tasks, and information consolidation with multiple tools? HubSpot's Slack app and Actioner offer solutions to these common sales problems, but which one is the right fit for you?

HubSpot's Slack app falls short in some areas, requiring manual updates and lacking certain critical functionalities. Actioner's customizable HubSpot solution allows for easy management of customer data and relationships within Slack, eliminating the need for multiple tools. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual updates and information consolidation with Actioner's solution.

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HubSpot app

HubSpot app for Slack, is primarily used for sending notifications from HubSpot to channels in Slack, and creating HubSpot tasks in Slack.

Without Actioner

Actioner’s Hubspot app

Actioner is the ultimate sales collaboration platform to manage HubSpot, connect to other sales tools, collaborate on deals, and gain valuable insights all within the convenience of Slack. Enjoy features such as real-time alerts, prescriptive follow-up actions, and the ability to update HubSpot within a single message, making sales a breeze.

With Actioner

Take HubSpot & Slack integration to the next level with Actioner

Actioner offers a wealth of advanced functionalities and benefits for integrating HubSpot with Slack. These include:

  • Unmatched customizability through a no-code app builder

  • Elimination of dependence on HubSpot or other vendors for building required Slack app features

  • Slack-centric automation, including workflows involving human-in-the-loop automations

  • Flexible scheduling of SLAs, reminders and status updates tailored to specific Slack audiences

  • Advanced HubSpot object (deal, ticket, company, contact, task, ..) search capabilities directly within Slack

  • Advanced HubSpot object creation and previews directly in Slack

  • Customizable emoji actions

  • Custom forms and logic matching precise needs for various actions such as updating stages, logging meetings, and creating deal rooms.

  • Unique reporting capabilities, meticulously designed for Slack

  • Threaded update options for easy use, improved organization and visibility

  • Dedicated deal rooms and swarming for important accounts

  • Ability to collaborate with external users in Slack Connect channels

  • And many more features that make Slack and HubSpot integration seamless and effortless.