Introducing Actioner’s Birthday app for Slack: Making remote office birthdays fun and unforgettable

We have recently published a Birthday app for Slack in Actioner App directory! It's ready to install; try now and never ever forget to celebrate your coworkers' birthday again!

We have exciting news! The Birthday app is now ready to use in Slack (you can install it from the Actioner app directory.)

We'll now talk about some of its notable features and benefits;

  • Birthday reminders to not forget any special day
  • Fun and cheerful birthday celebration templates in Slack
  • Collecting birthdays in a breeze 

Let’s get started!

Reminders in Slack for office birthdays

In a traditional office setting, you might chat with your coworkers about upcoming events or see birthday decorations around the office. 

But with remote (even hybrid) work, sometimes, you just don't get those social cues and reminders that help you remember important dates. And with all the craziness that comes with busy schedules, it can be really easy to forget someone's birthday. 

Since you do not have those in-person social interactions in the office, you feel less concerned about your coworkers and their personal lives.

Ultimately, when people are less connected, they feel like they are not valued or appreciated as coworkers.

To solve this problem, all you need is Actioner’s Birthday app to remind you of the birthdays of your coworkers in Slack! 

Birthday app will celebrate birthdays with a fun gif in a channel you choose or notify you through DM when it’s someone’s birthday. 


Using the “Say happy birthday” smart action button in the DM, you can also send your wishes privately by writing a personal message or using ready-made templates.


So, let’s move on to the templates:

Birthday message templates for Slack

As knowledge workers, we have busy schedules and other responsibilities. Many of us do not have the time or energy to write a thoughtful birthday message from scratch in Slack. Even if you have the time, you may struggle to come up with the right words or sentiments. 

Especially if there are multiple people to send birthday messages to, it is always challenging to create different messages for each person.

So what do you do? You go and search “Happy birthday message to a coworker” in Google, find one message, copy it, and then return to Slack to paste it. Another option could be just saying “Happy birthday.” Or, since you don’t have time, you just say nothing.

Those days are over! 

We’ve collected the most fun and cheerful birthday messages in our Birthday app


There are a variety of quick and easy options that still convey your good wishes. We’ve prepared them to inspire and help you express your feelings more effectively.

Collecting birthdays without hassle

Collecting birthdays for all employees can be time-consuming and requires significant resources. This can be challenging for HR professionals who are already stretched thin. It is also possible for you to forget to add new birthdays if you’re adding new coworkers to your team.

Well, hold on tight. 

Actioner’s Birthday app makes collecting birthdays in Slack a breeze! Yes, you do not have to spend time reviewing documents or juggle around asking people for their birth dates anymore.

Once you set up the Birthday app, Actioner sends a message to the Slack channel you choose to celebrate birthdays and DMs everyone. 


Through the action button “Add your birthday,” your team can enter their birthdays inside Slack. So you won’t need to make an extra effort 🥳.

Bonus: Respect for privacy

Sometimes, you don't necessarily want people to know when you're feeling down near your birthday, or you just don’t love the extra attention.

The Birthday app allows you to decide whether you want people to know about your birthday. If some of your coworkers prefer to keep their birthdays private, they can simply opt out.


How to get started with the Birthday app:

  1. First, sign up to Actioner and install the Birthday app from the App directory.
  2. Connect your Slack workspace.
  3. Then, proceed to set up action: Get started
  4. In the setup, you’ll need to select those above.
    The channel you want to receive birthday messages from.
    The time you want to receive the birthday notification.
    The reminder time that suits you best.
  5. When you finish setup, you’ll receive two messages from Actioner;
    A message to the channel you’ve selected in the previous step. 
    And a DM to everyone in your workspace.
  6. Through both messages, everyone on your team can enter their birthdays.
  7. When it is a co-worker’s birthday, Actioner will send an automated, fun birthday GIF to your preferred channel, letting everyone join the conversation to celebrate.
  8. Actioner also sends a DM on Slack, reminding you of the upcoming birthday one day and one week in advance.


So, that’s how Actioner’s Birthday app helps you automate birthday celebrations and build a company culture with connected people!

Do you frequently forget to send birthday wishes🥲?

If so, we believe the Birthday app is the right solution for you.

But if you have other use cases in your mind, we can chat in our community. Let's find more ways to connect people in your digital HQ!