Driving Customer Success: Typeform NPS® Surveys & Slack integration

Collect valuable customer feedback with Typeform's NPS surveys and track progress over time in Slack using Actioner. Automate your NPS campaigns today!

When it comes to gauging your customers' loyalty and satisfaction, there are a few indicators you're on the right track, such as increased social media engagement, outstanding conversion rates, and increased revenue over time.

However, if you want to remove any doubt about how your customers feel about your product or services, you can ask for their feedback through a Net Promoter Score (NPS®) survey.

What is NPS®?

NPS®, which stands for Net Promoter Score, is a metric used to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. NPS® surveys are used to collect actionable feedback from the customer base through one single question:

"On a scale from 1–10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?"

The answers to this one question simply let you get a quantifiable measurement of your relationship with your customers or prospects. While your score may not paint the full picture of what's working or what's not, it enables you to;

  • Collect data that can be organized into 3 groups of respondents:  — promoters (who respond with a score of 9 or 10), passives (7 or 8), and detractors (6 to 0).
  • Ask a follow-up question for more granular feedback, especially for responses at extreme rating scales.
  • Track progress over time, especially after important improvements in your product or services.

NPS® surveys with Typeform

Typeform enables you to collect valuable information from your customers and prospects. If you're looking for a simple and standardized way to measure the satisfaction score, you can add a Net Promoter Score (NPS®) question directly to your typeforms.

Since NPS® is a measure of overall satisfaction, you can create an NPS® survey to be sent just a short time after your customer achieves a meaningful milestone with your product, such as when the onboarding process is completed or following a purchase or a support request. On the other hand, you can also send NPS multiple times during your customers' lifecycle and monitor their loyalty over time.

You can visit Typeform's How to run an NPS® campaign page to learn how to add an NPS® question to your typeform and embed it in an email.

Furthermore, you can use Typeform's prebuilt NPS® survey template to design a typeform quickly.

How to track Typeform NPS® submissions in Slack

Actioner enables you to track NPS® survey results in Slack by connecting Typeform through a webhook. In the below steps, you can learn how to send notifications to your preferred Slack channel, whenever a customer completes a survey.

Step 1. Create an app and add Slack connection

  1. Go to My apps page and Add a new app by selecting Start from scratch option.
  2. Go to App settings tab and add a new Slack connection.
    👉 If you have not connected any workspaces, first visit Slack connections page and connect your workspace.

Step 2. Create an action that sends a message to a channel in Slack

It is now time to create the action that will be executed when a new Typeform submission comes in. This action will send the form submission result to the selected Slack channel.

1. Go to Actions tab of your app and add a new action. You can name it Send message to channel.

2. On Inputs tab, add a new text area field: message


3. Go to Requests tab and add a new Slack request. Its type will be Send message to channel. Select the channel you want to get notified in Channel field and add {{input.message}} in Markdown block.


4. Add your Slack request to run steps on Inputs tab.


5. Apply changes to your action.

Step 3. Create a workflow in Actioner

1. Go to Workflows tab of your app and click + Add new workflow. Select Webhook in Type field.


2. Copy the webhook URL. You will use it to create a webhook in Typeform.


Step 4. Create your form and webhook in Typeform

1. In Typeform, open your survey from your Workspace. Make sure that your typeform is published.

2. Go to the Connect panel and navigate to Webhooks tab. Click Add a webhook.


3. Enter the URL you copied from Actioner workflow and click Save webhook.


4. By default your new webhook will be set to Off. Turn it on by clicking the toggle.


Step 5. Test webhook

1. Send a test submission from your Typeform.


2. Go to the Actioner workflow and click Test webhook.


Step 6. Add your action to your workflow step

  1. Click + Add step and select your action. You'll see Message input opening up.
  2. Enter below on Message field and Save your workflow.
**:new: NPS submission**
> **How likely to recommend to a friend or colleague?**: {{event.body.form_response.answers[0].number}}
> **Comment**: {{event.body.form_response.answers[1].text}}

That is it! You are now ready to use this workflow. Whenever your customers fill out your NPS form, Typeform will automatically send data to Actioner webhook and Actioner will notify you in your preferred Slack channel. The notification in Slack will look like below:


Actioner app directory contains an app for Typeform NPS results. You can signup to Actioner and install this app or start building custom automations and design your own Slack apps!