Take Control of On-Call Schedules: Simplify PagerDuty Handoffs with Actioner in Slack

You do not need to switch between PagerDuty and Slack to hand off your on-call anymore. Let's learn how!

Do you live in Slack and rely on PagerDuty for on-calls?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

Managing on-call schedules can be challenging. Your team’s on-call schedule ensures the first responder is always available during a given shift. 

Let’s say you won’t be available for your on-call duties at the time you’ve been previously assigned, or there’s a situation you need an override due to an unprecedented event. What you’re going to do is, to ensure full coverage, transfer the on-call period to another member of the team.

When you need another responder to cover your absence, you can ask your teammates directly in Slack. In some cases, you may also need to consult your manager. Back-and-forth conversations take a lot of time, and keeping everyone in the loop isn’t always easy. Even after you find a volunteer for on-call duty, your teammate needs to navigate to PagerDuty, find the correct schedule, and manually add an override. It takes forever!

To get this burden out of your shoulders, we’ve built an app that seamlessly integrates PagerDuty on-calls and Slack conversations.

Handoff on-calls without leaving Slack with Actioner

You can easily manage your on-call directly from Slack, whether you need to hand it off for a few hours due to an urgent situation or adjust it for your off days. 

With Actioner, you can find a volunteer who will override your on-call via Slack in your team's channel easily. In the same channel, one of your teammates can override directly. When updating a schedule for your on-call, it's essential to keep all team members in the loop. So that, other responders can also track the handoff process in Slack. 

Here's how it works;

After installing the PagerDuty app from the directory and completing the setup, you can run the /actioner command in Slack. 

  1. You can choose to see your on-call list for the next three months. Then proceed to request a handoff for your on-call schedule. The next step is to choose a channel for sharing your request in the form that appears, which is filled out automatically with the chosen on-call schedule start/end date.

*Alternatively, you can select the On-call handoff action in Slack. The form allows you to select the schedule and the time interval when you want to handoff your on-call, and choose your team's Slack channel to post the handoff request.

  1. Actioner will send you a message with the details of your handoff request. 
  2. With a single click of the button, if one of your teammates is available, she can take the on-call - without leaving Slack.
  3. Alternatively, your manager can suggest someone from your team. In that case, Actioner will send a DM to the suggested person. 

*The direct message also provides quick actions for taking the on-call or rejecting the request.

  1. When someone takes over the on-call, the handoff request message will be automatically updated.

You can start using PagerDuty app today if this practice suits your needs.

Do you want to make customizations? Go ahead! Tailor it for another app, change follow-up actions, or add sparks of emojis.


This is how easy it is to hand off your PagerDuty on-calls in Slack with Actioner. 

How does your team manage their on-call schedules?

Do you have other use cases?

We’d really like to hear your story! 

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