Actioner is available in Slack app directory!

Actioner lets you utilize your tech stack within Slack and is available in the Slack app directory! 

From now on, Slack users can integrate any tool they want with Slack. To perform different tasks without leaving Slack, you can use ready-made Actioner apps or build your own Slack app using Actioner’s visual app builder.

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A better Slack experience is possible!

Actioner ends context switching while working, providing an experience that starts and ends in Slack. It connects your tools and benefits from Slack conversations, emojis, and more. 

Let’s take a closer look at them and learn how Actioner makes the best out of Slack. 

Actions extended

You can run any action in Slack, use all your tool stack to extend their full potential. With Actioner, knowledge workers complete their tasks, stay focused and productive without ever leaving Slack.

We have already built actions; Creating a contact in HubSpot, commenting on a GitHub pull request, and updating a ticket in Zendesk, e.g., are samples of what we’ve built. 

You can customize actions and workflows or build ones from scratch using no-code Action designer. And if you’d like to share it with others, publish it in the Actioner app directory.

Automated & human-in-the-loop workflows

Actioner lets you build automated workflows with Slack, webhook, and your favorite tools and turn them into Slack apps. You can use ready-made workflows in the Actioner app directory. So far, we’ve created such workflows and apps listed below.

🧩 Workflow: When there is a new lead in HubSpot, Actioner notifies the SDR channel and sends a DM to the lead owner. If the lead source is missing, the SDR team again gets informed in Slack.

App: Sales automation with HubSpot 

Use cases: Lead notifications, Missing lead source, Unassigned leads

🧩 Workflow: When you open a PR, Actioner gathers assignees and reviewers of the open pull request in an ephemeral Slack channel. It also sends check results, and comments to that channel.

Apps: GitHub PR management, Bitbucket PR management

Use case: PR notifications in Slack (will be linked after we publish use cases)

🧩 Workflow: When ticket emoji is added to a message in a channel dedicated to internal IT help requests, a new Zendesk ticket gets created, and the IT help team gets notified in Slack with the request details.

App: Conversational ticketing with Zendesk

Use cases: Create ticket with emoji

🧩 Workflow: When a major disruption in your services creates a PagerDuty incident, Actioner creates a war room in Slack, invites responders, and sends updates on the incident to the war room.

App: Slack-first incident management

Use cases: Post-incident checklist, Statuspage updates

Details in notifications, buttons recommending the most accurate next steps, emoji reactions, dedicated channels, and message threads are all essential components of workflows which we have explained below.

Actionable & enriched context

Actioner enriches Slack messages with the required context and eliminates the need to go to other apps to get details. If it's about a new lead, it includes the contact name, company, lead source, additional data from tools like Clearbit, etc., and a link to the HubSpot record. If it’s about an issue, the notification includes the project, issue summary, description, etc., and a link to the Jira issue.


Smart action buttons

The Slack notifications also consist of smart action buttons. For example, notification about a new ticket has action buttons such as  “✍️Update” and “👀Take it”. Individuals can quickly run follow-up actions on an update through these smart action buttons. You can customize these action buttons according to how your work flows.



With Actioner, Slack emojis are not just for fun but are an essential part of the work. You can create an incident or assign an issue just by clicking an emoji. You can also customize which emojis you want to use to run a specific action.


Tailored Slack channels

Slack channels dedicated to specific purposes allow teams to focus on critical matters. Deal rooms for HubSpot deals, temporary Slack channels for Bitbucket PR reviews, or war rooms for PagerDuty incidents; for all these, Actioner creates dedicated Slack channels to boost collaboration and communication among your teams.

Engaging threads

Actioner keeps your conversations organized. Support agents and requesters communicate by replying to ticket threads while PR check run details are sent as replies to the original notification.


With Actioner, you can bring your favorite work tools into Slack and run any task without leaving your workspace. Take full advantage of Slack with Actioner! Get started now or Visit Actioner in Slack app directory